Centre for Contemporary Religion

General introduction

Centre for Contemporary Religion (CCR) collects, analyses and disseminates knowledge about contemporary religion and religiosity, nationally and globally.

  • Living religion manifests itself in multiple ways in different religions and across or outside the institutional boundaries. It is reflected in religious practice and theological reflections of discourses about truth and authority.
  • Tradition and transformation are important concepts of contemporary religion. The centre gives high priority to both methods, theory and empirical investigations in approaching these fields.

CCR is the result of collaboration between the Department of the Study of Religion and the departments of Theology at Aarhus University's Faculty of Theology. In addition to individual and interdisciplinary research projects, the Centre constitutes a base for general interest in contemporary issues from the perspectives of theology and religion.

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Sacralization and secularization
The bearing of religious and spiritual authority
in late modernity
Linda Woodhead, and others.
A Workshop held December 1, 2010.

Mikkel Pade, secretary and editor
(e-mail:  csr@teo.au.dk, or  mp@teo.au.dk