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Religion in Denmark 2009

Religion in Denmark 2009

Today's Danish Religion in figures, 2009

The  online yearbook, Religion in Denmark 2009, is published by Center for Contemporary Religion at Aarhus University. With contemporary religion as our main subject, it is natural for the center to gather, put into perspective and convey factual information about the religious situation in Denmark. The Danish Pluralism Project laid the foundation as it – with Aarhus as pilot project – conducted a mapping out of religious and spiritual groups in the following areas: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, New Religious and Spiritual Groups along with Alternative therapists and Spirituality. 

In addition to an update of this mapping work there is a need for a central website with factual information on the religious and spiritual groups, their geographic distribution, organization, activities and primary actors. Therefore a range of tables with statistical materials is displayed, while simultaneously a number of articles offer analyses and interpretations of this data. Having this presentation in the form of an online yearbook helps secure both currency and continuity, which give the best possible overview of this area in Denmark.

About the online yearbook

The online yearbook Religion in Denmark is published annually by Center for Contemporary Religion at Aarhus University and presents information about the approved religious communities in Denmark.

We are speaking of a significant amount of different religious groupings, which provides us with a foundation for saying something general about religion in Denmark today.

Therefore, the yearbook’s numbers concerning the religious communities’ memberships, buildings, religious specialists and religious practice are accompanied by a number of perspectival articles.