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Core research area(s)

Benedicte Hammer Præstholm Church and gender
Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen Church and office, mysticism in common theology, theology of spirituality and pilgrimage in transformation
Henrik Reintoft Christensen

Religion, society and mass media, religion in the public sphere, Islam

Jakob Egeris Thorsen

Charismatic Christianity, Christianity in the global South, Latin-American Catholicism

Janna Egholm Hansen

Religion in the Faroe Islands

Jørn Borup

Buddhism, Japanese religions, cross-religious encounters, migrant religiosity, Danish-Vietnamese religiosity

Kirstine Helboe Johansen

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, its rituals, and its role as a church in a modern, secularised society

Klaus Bo Nielsen

Chinese religion, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, comparative mysticism

Lars Ahlin

Religion/spirituality in the late modern world, New Age, alternative therapy and spirituality

Lene Kühle

Religion and politics, church law, religious pluralism, Muslims in Europe, imams, mosques

Liselotte Malmgart

Church and welfare state, Danish ecclesiastical law, the relationship between state and church

Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger

Hinduism, mysticism, spirituality, rituals, cross-religious encounters and phenomena

Marie Ramsdal-Thomsen Danish electoral and independent congregations 1999-2009, the relationship between congregational activities and theological reflection
Marie Vejrup Nielsen

Modern Christianity, Christianity and politics/society, Christianity and natural science

Markus Davidsen

Martin Riexinger

Alternative religious movements, religion and the Internet

Islam in the 19th and 20th centuries

Peter Lodberg

Missions and relief work, political theology, religion and politics, the relationship between Islam and Christianity

Sidsel Vive Jensen

Religion in the Danish primary and lower-secondary schools (Folkeskolen), and Muslims in Denmark


Peter Fischer-Nielsen

Church communication on the Internet

Iben Egekvist Krogsdal  
Common religion, management and therapy, New Age, NLP, coaching
Panagiotis Mitkidis

Contemporary religious systems, ritual, authority, sacred, anthropology of religion, behavioural economics, decision theory, game theory

Viggo Mortensen

(Former director of the centre) Studies in global Christianity and ecumenical concerns, missiology, theology of religions, religious pluralism, interreligious dialogue and the future of Christianity

Rene Dybdal Pedersen

New religious and spiritual groups, theosophy