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Religious Pluralism in a Postmodern Context

In a postmodern society, pluralism is a prerequisite for religion.

According to the British sociologist Anthony Giddens, our post-modern world is heading towards hardcore individualism without any shared context for its members. Therefore, the stability of our everyday life is challenged. Religious traditions as well as scientific institutions used to be regarded as respected authorities within their domains.   Occasionally, when people began wondering about fundamental issues, they consulted these authorities for answers they could rely on. This convention of mutual trust no longer exists, because valid answers within the various expert systems can expire at any time. It suffices to think about diet counselling to exemplify this argument right away. Even more controversy among the experts can be expected in an interdisciplinary discourse. Consequently, nobody is allowed an exclusive answer to any problem area. This includes questions like: Who is authorized to handle issues involving life and death? Shall cloning be accepted? The Danish Pluralism Project may not solve these dilemmas, but within the frames of interdisciplinary research, it will unfold the multitude of religion in a post-modern context. 

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