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The Centre for Contemporary Religion (CCR) collects, analyses and disseminates knowledge about contemporary religion and religiosity, both globally and (in particular) nationally.

  • Living religion manifests itself in multiple ways in different religions and across or outside institutional boundaries. It is reflected in religious practice and theological reflections, in discourses about truth and authority.
  • Tradition and transformation are important concepts in contemporary society. The centre gives high priority to empirical research and documentation, as well as to theoretical and methodical approaches to the subject matter.

The CCR is the result of collaboration between researchers in religion and theology at the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University’s Faculty of Arts. The centre is also in contact with other research environments at Aarhus University as well as other Danish and international universities. In addition to its primary research projects, the centre conducts a wide range of research communication tasks, for instance in connection with contact with the media and upper-secondary schools as well as in other connections. Via the individual researchers the centre publishes research articles and books within the field of contemporary religion, as well as producing electronic resources such as the e-yearbook on religion and other materials.