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Religion in Denmark

  • E-yearbook, 2009-2017

Religion in Denmark is a project at the Centre for Contemporary Religion that gathers information each year about approved and recognised religious groups in Denmark. These figures are difficult to get hold of as they are not included in the data published by Statistics Denmark since 2001. So the Religion in Denmark project provides the most complete overview of religion in Denmark today.

Religion in Denmark is a resource to use by anyone who wants to know more about the situation of religion in Denmark today – either in media contexts or in connection with teaching and research.

The material is collected and published each year in an e-yearbook entitled Religion in Denmark. A significant number of different religious groups are included, providing the basis for saying something general about religion in Denmark today.

As result, the figures in the yearbook regarding membership of religious groups, the number of buildings, religious specialists and religious practice are accompanied by a range of articles providing extra perspectives.

In addition to the e-yearbook, a database with information in numbers about the religious groups is available.

All material is available in Danish only.