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Marie Vejrup Nielsen (project manager)
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Department of Culture and Society, Arts, Aarhus University

Head of the Center for Contemporary Religion  

Marie Vejrup Nielsen, PhD, Aarhus University (2007), Head of the Center for Contemporary Religion, has the primary responsibility for the Religion project in Denmark, which collects data on approved religious communities each year. Analyzes and numbers are published in open access format (journal and search base) at samtidsreligion.au.dk.
The center also runs the project Religion in Aarhus. 
These projects have also focused on dissemination, for example the city ​​walk “Cathedrals and courtyards” and exhibition at the former Aarhus City Museum. 

Religion in Denmark 2009-2017
Religion in Aarhus 2013 (ed. L. Ahlin, J. Borup, M. Fibiger, and B. A. Jacobsen). 

Publication list: pure.au.dk/portal/en/mvn@cas.au.dk

Anneken Appel Laursen
Curator, The Old Town (Den Gamle By)

Anneken Appel Laursen, cand. mag. in History and Mass Communication with supplementary subjects in Museology.
Laursen works with the responsibilities "Aarhus nyeste tid" and the chapter 8 of the Museum Act. 
She has particular interest in user involvement and co-operation.

Relevant exhibitions:
2016: A Somali Home in Denmark 2016.  
2017: Aarhus Fortæller, city-historical exhibition about Aarhus from the Viking Age to today.

2014. "Visitor Involvement as a Strategy: A Museum Transmitting a Message for Social Outcasts". The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum Volume 6, 3, pp. 57-66.
2017. "Now we are part of Denmark's history: An example of citizenship and museum co-operation" in the Nordic Museum (December 2017 with D. G. Sekwati & S. S. Bertelsen).  

Catherine Kyø Hermansen
Museum Manager for The Immigrant Museum and Furesø Museums

Catherine Kyø Hermansen, cand.mag. in history from Aarhus University.
Has since 2002 been the supreme leader in building the Immigrant Museum as an independent unit.

The Immigrant Museum, as the only Danish museum, employs 500 years of migration history in Danish context, focusing on religion in a migration context, both in a historical and contemporary perspective.  

Janne Laursen
Former Director, The Danish Jewish Museum

Janne Laursen, mag.art. in European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen, 1984.
She was director of the Danish Jewish Museum 2001-2020 (state-recognized 2011).  

Laursen has been active in a wide range of exhibitions and projects and has provided analyzes to Danish ministries and the Copenhagen Tourist Board.

Relevant exhibitions in addition to the Danish Jewish Museum's regular exhibition:
2013: "HOME - a special exhibition about the effects of war and persecution".

She is the author of many articles on cultural history museums.   

Laura Maria Schütze
Curator and Research Coordinator, ROMU

Laura Maria Schütze, cand.mag. in religious sociology, University of Copenhagen (2008).
Ph.D. from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (2015): "A sense of migration. Place, materiality and religion in exhibitions on immigration at the Copenhagen Museum and the Immigrant Museum (2014) ".

(with Marselis, R.) (2013). "One Way to Holland": Migrant Heritage and Social Media "in K. Drotner & K. C. Schrøder (ed.), Museum Communication and Social Media: The Connected Museum. Routledge. 

Lise Paulsen Galal
Lecturer, Department of Communication and Humanities, Roskilde University

Lise Paulsen Galal, mag.art. in Ethnography and Social Anthropology, Aarhus University.
Ph.D. In Intercultural Studies, Roskilde University.

Galal is the project manager of the research-funded project 'The organized cultural meeting' and was a senior researcher on the HERA research project 'Middle Eastern Christians in Europe: Definitions and Identifications'.

Research interests include interreligious dialogue, migration and religious minorities, and she has extensive fieldwork experience and an interdisciplinary approach that draws on perspectives from anthropology, religious studies, cultural studies and sociology.

She has published about this in, among other things, Journal of Religion in Europe.  

Martin Djupdræt
The Old Town (Den Gamle By)

Randi Marselis
Lecturer, Cultural Studies at the Department of Communication and Humanities, Roskilde University

Randi Marselis, cand.mag. in Nordic Languages ​​and Literature and Mass Communication (Aarhus University 1997).
Ph.D. in Minority Studies (University of Copenhagen 2004).

MArselis researches in memory cultures in multiethnic societies, the museums dissemination of migrant groups cultural heritage and the museum as a framework for organized cultural meetings, including collaboration between museums and 'source communities'.

Publications in:
Museum Anthropology (2016), Global Mobilities: Refugees, Exiles, and Immigrants in Museums and Archives, 
(with LM Schütze) Museum Communication and Social Media: The Connected Museum ( ed. K. Drotner and KC Schrøder, Routledge, 2013).  

Sara Fredfelt Stadager     
Curator, The Danish Jewish Museum

Sara Fredfeldt Stadager, mag. art. in Religion, University of Copenhagen (2012). 

(Bergman, Signe L. et all) ”HOME" (2020) exhibition catalogue for the exhibition "HOME - a special exhibition about the effects of war and persecution".